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  • What is UTU PAC?
    Updated On: Nov 16, 2016

    UTU Political Action Committee

    Give like your job depends on it…because it does.

    The United Transportation Union’s Political Action Committee (UTU PAC) is an investment in the future.

    UTU members, active and retired, need and deserve good government and sympathetic legislators. That’s because, compared with others, our jobs, pensions and futures are more directly affected by the actions of state and national lawmakers.

    We in the UTU must work for and help candidates whom we feel are capable and knowledgeable and who recognize the problems that affect airline, bus, rail and transit workers.

    The best way to help elect representatives that understand the concerns of UTU members is by contributing to the UTU PAC.

    The best way to have a voice in matters that affect your finances and your family is by contributing to the UTU PAC.

    You joined your fellow workers for the fraternal benefits of UTU membership, so why not join them to help elect compassionate state and national lawmakers?

    The UTU PAC is federally registered. By law, the UTU PAC relies solely on voluntary contributions from UTU members. Contributions to the UTU PAC are then used to provide financial assistance to the campaigns of federal and state candidates who will work to pass legislation that protects and promotes air, bus, rail and transit issues of importance to UTU members.

    UTU PAC contributions can be started or increased anytime, and they are deducted automatically from your paycheck.

    UTU PAC contributions also may be made on a one-time basis by check, anytime, by active members, retirees, and all individuals who seek a more responsive government.• UTU PAC contributes to qualified state and national political candidates, regardless of party affiliation.

    UTU PAC protects the interests of active and retired members and safeguards laws, working conditions and pension rights.

    UTU PAC has well-organized advisory committees in 49 states and the District of Columbia, and an office in Washington, D.C.

    UTU PAC has more than 28,000 members across the country. They welcome your support and investment in the future of our great nation.

    To obtain a UTU PAC donation form, or receive more information on the UTU PAC, send email to


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