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  • Photo release
    Posted On: Aug 06, 2020
    This follows up from my July 27 email attached below regarding NS’s Photo release form. Immediately below in red are the answers supplied by NS Deputy General Counsel Weeks to the questions we posed.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Kevin Brodar
    General Counsel
    24950 Country Club Blvd.
    North Olmsted, OH 44070
    1. Is this a directive of Labor Relations? No.
    2. For what purpose is this being issued? The form seeks to increase transparency for the use of photographs, videos, or other recordings for company communications and publications, including training modules. Like you, we are proud of the work that Norfolk Southern employees do to serve their communities and the businesses that rely on freight rail, and we appreciate highlighting railroad employees at work.
    3. Who or what entity is taking photographs of employees? As specified on the form, Norfolk Southern employees or contractors working on Norfolk Southern’s behalf may take photos/videos in order to highlight the good work of NS employees and/or for training purposes.
    4. Are employees being required to sign it? No.
    5. If so, why are they being required to sign it? N/A
    6. If they refuse, will they be subject to discipline? No.
    7. For those employees who signed up to this point, will the carrier permit them to rescind the form, and how is that accomplished? The form is a course searchable in the NS Learning catalog and employees can reassign it to themselves should they want to change their answer at any time.

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