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  • PTI
    Posted On: Mar 18, 2020


    Distribute the below thread to the membership and advise them of the proper handling of the PTI Carriers responsibilities when it comes to the COVID-19 disinfecting of taxis.


    See Below email from PTI – I have sent an email to the District supervisor to address with driver.

    As always, I appreciate the conversation earlier.  Regarding van cleanliness, our vehicles are cleaned regularly as determined by local management and directors. However, as stated in PTI Driver Manual under the section titled  Van Cleanliness – “PTI drivers must make it a habit  to keep their van clean i.e. remove refuse from the floor, seats, clean of windows and lights, and ensure the interior is presentable for the next passengers and drivers.”  In light of COVID19 concerns,  we have enhanced our cleaning and sanitizing protocols to include the below:

    • Implemented frequent cleaning/disinfecting of touchpoints in our vehicles. 
    • Drivers have been instructed to wipe down touch points and other areas inside our vehicles as often as practical. 
    • At a minimum, they will clean/disinfect touchpoints as part of their pre-trip inspection and more often if a passenger shows signs of illness. 
    • For DYVs they will clean/disinfect at least twice per shift.  They will also leave doors and windows open between trips where the climate and location permit.
    • Developed a list of alternative disinfectants for managers to use in case of supply limitation.

    Phil Bergman

    Manager Taxi and Lodging

    Office - 4o4-658-2370

    Cell - 404-734-0528

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