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  • Posted On: May 26, 2020

    I did get a message from the Presidents office about May. The only problem is that the Enola legion can't open yet.

    So as Robin already posted the meeting tonight is canceled.

    We can not use technology to hold the meeting because the constitution doesn't allow it

    Stay safe,

    J. O. Miller Jr.


    Local 0830

    SMART TD Locals advised they may cancel meetings for March and April 2020                                                                                                                                             

    In line with White House recommendations that gatherings of more than 10 people be avoided to counter the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, SMART TD Locals are advised they may cancel monthly meetings in March and April 2020.

    During this period only, officers and members seeking membership approval of expense submissions will be able to utilize a relaxed version of a procedure that was previously available only to Local Chairpersons.

    All disbursements must continue to be made in accordance with SMART Constitution Article 21B, Section 64, which indicates all checks must be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Local President. If in the opinion of the Treasurer such disbursement would violate the SMART Constitution or the Local’s bylaws, they shall withhold payment and report the matter at once to the Transportation Division President.

    Ordinarily, a Local Chairperson’s expense claims are presented at a Local meeting for consideration by members of the affected Local Committee of Adjustment (LCA). No payment may be disbursed unless a majority of LCA members at the meeting approves the claims. There must be a quorum of LCA members in attendance to consider approval of the expenses. A quorum is defined as five members.

    When a quorum of affected members fails to attend the meeting where the expense claims are presented, a long-standing ruling allows Local Chairpersons to gain approval of expenses through the use of a petition signed by five members of the affected LCA. Normally, this method is permissible to use only when a quorum of affected members is not present at the meeting. The Local Chairperson must attend the meeting and make an attempt to present the bills of allowance (i.e., the expense claims) to the membership. If a quorum of members is not present, the petition provides the authority needed to pay the claims. However, if a quorum of affected members is present, the petition is invalidated, and the members vote on whether to approve the claims.

    All officers and members (not just Local Chairpersons) will be permitted in March and April 2020 to gather the signatures of five members of the affected body to authorize the payment of expenses. Attached to such petitions must be the receipts, mileage statements, etc., documenting the expenses. Members asked to sign the petition must be able to inspect the documentation, which must be included with the petition submitted to the Treasurer. Such petitions should be submitted just once per month.

    A form is being made available for use by those seeking expense reimbursement. Any officer or member abusing the form and/or submitting fraudulent claims may be subject to removal from office, reprimand, penalties, and fines in accordance with the SMART Constitution. Questions regarding this procedure should be directed to the office of the Transportation Division President.

    This SMART Union mailbox is unmonitored and emails to it will not be replied to.

    Thank you,

    SMART-Transportation Division​

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